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Shine On

Shine On - David Ditchfield, J. S. Jones

by David Ditchfield & J S Jones


This is a true story about a young man who got pulled under a train and lived to tell the tale. After a teaser at the beginning to leave us where the accident is about to happen, we read about everything going wrong in his life in the lead up to that point and his alcohol dependency which underlies some of his problems.


The accident is described blow by blow, telling us the full traumatic episode as well as a mystical near death experience that happens. This is followed by both physical and psychological treatment, as well as his journey to share the mystical experience with others. He also learns that he's not alone in these experiences.


Having read a fair bit about near death experiences, or NDEs over time, I found it fascinating. David's experiences fit in with many other accounts I've read and to my joy, the book has an introduction by Raymond Moody, one of the primary authors I've read on this subject.


What is different about this case is that David was driven to paint what he saw during his mystical experience, despite not having been an artist before. This was followed by a similar impulse to write music of the classical type when his only previous experience of music was playing a guitar for a punk band. He couldn't read music, but with help he was able to transcribe an entire score for an orchestra and hear the music in his head played live, including procuring a usually hard to get tenor for a vocal passage.


It's an amazing story of an extraordinary near death experience that sent me to the Internet to see the paintings and hear the music. The music is especially moving and can be heard on his own website. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in NDEs.