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Crystal Zodiac

Crystal Zodiac - Katie Huang

by Katie Huang


This is the first book I've seen that melds crystal healing with astrology. Interestingly, I've recently been reading a book on Ayurvedic medicine and found precedent for this combination there. It starts off with some very basic information about astrology that would be useful to someone totally new to the subject, but already familiar to anyone who has read anything else about astrology.


This is followed by similarly basic information about crystals, but this veered into belief rather than practical instruction and I found it of little use. After a bit of woo, it got to the part I was looking for; segments on astrological placements and which stones would be useful for specific purposes.


It goes through each of the twelve signs, giving an overview followed by small segments about the significance of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, assigning stones to each, then covers the "personal planets", Venus, Mercury and Mars. The book does not address the outer planets but explains how they are slow moving and tend to affect generations more than individuals.


It gives a few basic spells, mostly based on visualisation and covering basic things like love spells, communication and personal insight. While I found the information a bit light, I did see it as useful and would certainly recommend it to someone new to these subjects and of use to people wanting to expand work with crystals.