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To Kill the President

To Kill the President: The Most Explosive Thriller of the Year - Sam Bourne

by Sam Bourne


I don't often read books with political themes, but it was given to me at Christmas and once I started to read, I got caught up into the intrigue and danger of a well-written Thriller.


Maggie is a White House aid whose job it is to investigate an apparent suicide by the president's personal physician. Something about it doesn't smell right and she digs deeper, finding reason to suspect that the doctor was killed as part of a higher level plot. When she starts getting too close, her suspicions are confirmed by what might be called near miss attempts on her life, given as warning to back off.


The one thing I found unrealistic was that she didn't. Whatever altruistic or patriotic ideology a person might have, the threats expanded beyond just herself, to loved ones, and a woman in particular, especially one who saw the benefit of just sitting back and washing her hands of it, would be very unlikely to take on the odds demonstrated against her.


Despite that, it made a good story and the twists and turns got frightening at a level that made me wonder just how much of the techno-terrorism might actually be possible. Towards the end, I found it difficult to stop between chapters because I needed to know what happened next!


The ending was worthy. No spoilers, but there was some high tension to the very last.