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The Hermit's Creepy Pet

The Hermit's Creepy Pet (Single Shot Short Story Series Book 10) - Terry M. West

by Terry M. West


The title of this is a little misleading because the featured creature isn't actually a pet. An aspiring writer lives in a small rural town where most neighbors are renters and not long term residents, except for the man who keeps to himself and has No Trespassing signs all over his property.


One day the old hermit knocks on the writer's door and insists he has to show him something. He needs a witness. Curiosity wins over caution and they hike up to the hermit's property to see what he's caught. What could go wrong?


It's a short story dealing with fortean creatures with a Horror twist. The writing was fairly good and the characters well drawn, including the creature. Nothing too original in the plot, but a nice, quick read for the Monster Horror enthusiast.