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The Haunted Hardware Store

The Haunted Hardware Store (The David Morgan series Book 1) - Frank Roberts

by Frank Roberts


This story started with a long, drawn out description of small town life that gave me thoughts of slitting my wrist, both from the writing style and the thought of having to spend a life in that environment. Eventually some ghostly happenings did enter the story.


There's nothing wrong with the writing in this per se, it's just a voice I don't get on with. Very much like someone's great uncle Horace sitting on the front porch in a small southern town telling a story of something that happened and digressing into irrelevant details about people you don't know for hours at a time. Some readers might love this style, I don't.


The most likeable characters in my opinion are the ghosts. They do get their story told. The main character would be okay if he would stick to the story. The actual central plot is fairly good once it finally takes form. I just found the digressions terminally boring.