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The Dark Sides of Empathy

The Dark Sides of Empathy - Fritz Breithaupt, Andrew B B Hamilton

by Fritz Breithaupt


This is a Psychology book and as such a little dry. It examines the minds of people who rather than using empathy to sympathise with others in a positive way, are actually motivated by it to do harm.


Breithaupt gives five dark sides of empathy: self loss, black and white thinking, humanitarianism as ego gratification, the darkest one in my opinion is motivation for sadism, identifying with the victim, and vampiristic empathy, people who expand their own life experience by over-identifying with someone else, like helicopter parents.


It's a very dark read, but very thought-provoking and genius in its field. This would be very useful for anyone who works in the psychiatric field or for people who deal with negative qualities from someone else who may fit one of these categories. Also Horror writers who could easily base a scary character on these all too human flaws.


Impressively insightful, if disturbing.