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Mort  - Terry Pratchett

by Terry Pratchett


This was a re-read for me, although a lot of years passed in between. The figure of Death is undeniably one of Pratchett's best characters and the character develops a lot in this story, but it's actually about Mort, who becomes Death's apprentice.


Mort is arguably another of Pratchett's better characters. He's a bit of a screw up and apprenticing to the supernatural isn't what he had in mind when he went to a jobs fair, but he rises to the task and manages to do what is asked of him, until he has to sit by and let a young princess die.


I enjoyed this much more on the first reading, but it was still enjoyable and I had forgotten enough to make it almost new to me. I may be a little Pratchetted out because I wasn't enjoying the humour nearly as much this time, but it was certainly there.


It's a good light comedy read and I will be reading the following two books in the Death series (Soul Music, Reaper Man) soon, which I haven't read before.