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Leaders of the Pack

Leaders of the Pack - Graeme Reynolds, Graeme Reynolds

An entire anthology of werewolf stories from mostly known werewolf authors, what's not to love?


I've read several of the authors included before, most notably Graeme Reynolds and Jeff Strand. Their stories, Blood Relations and Ivan's Night Out respectively, had a connection to the novels I've read; The High Moor series by Graeme Reynolds which holds first place for great werewolf fiction IMO, and Wolf Hunt by Jeff Strand which was a fun read, gore and all.


Other highly notable stories included are The Dead Brother Situation by Glenn Rolfe, The Great Storm by TW Piperbrook, The Original by David Watkins and Hunter's Moon by David Wellington which was a slow burner but with a payoff at the end.


Hybrid: Bloodlines by Nick Stead and Lifeline by Paul Kane were also very worthy. There was only one story written in the dreaded present tense and apart from a couple of them bordering on erotica more than I want to read, it's a great collection.


Highly recommended for anyone who likes werewolf stories.