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Hogfather - Terry Pratchett

by Terry Pratchett


This was a weird concept, even for Pratchett. The Hogfather has ceased to be and Death thought he would just fill in for him, with the expected series of misunderstandings of human antics.


The daughter of his adopted daughter, Susan, gets caught up in things, much to her chagrin. She tries so hard not to see things other humans can't and to forget about he childhood as Death's granddaughter. She works as a governess and kills monsters for the children, of course.


There are a lot of metaphysical antics in Pratchett style, with assassins attempting to kill the Hogfather despite the fact that he's an immortal and Death himself coming under threat. There's also a trigger when a character casually mentions drowning a kitten.


I've enjoyed Pratchett's later books a bit less than some of his classics like the Guards and Witches series. Death is actually one of my favourite characters, but towards the end of this story it got a little too convoluted and 'out there' for my taste. Of course then Death comes out with some amazing philosophical statements about humans that are worthy of great literature, just to confuse the issue.


I'm glad I read the story but this is a read once for me. It also loses a star for the kitten.