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Hell Bound

Hell Bound (Heroes in Hell) - Andrew P Weston, Janet E. Morris

by Andrew P. Weston


This one looked like an interesting concept, though not too far into it I started thinking, 'too much testosterone'. The writing is good, it just has the tone you get with stories about ex-Green Beret mercenaries who carry a glock, if you know what I mean. But the protagonist is a reaper and has the ability to harvest souls, something that other denizens of Hell find frightening. Apparently he can kill them too.


This was actually a good story and very well written. The ideas were original and although I didn't like the main character, a lot of other readers will. Especially those who like the macho vibe. I was immediately impressed with the vocabulary and use of language and have actually looked to see what else this author has written, hoping for something as good that might appeal more to my character sympathies.


The only thing that was cringe-worthy was some of the names, mostly of people but the Inseine River was of the same ilk. Clever, but maybe a little too clever.


The Hellscape aspect of the story was very well done and imaginative beyond what I usually see in this subject matter. I may actually read this again, despite my lack of attraction to the main character machismo. I have to rate it high for the quality of writing itself.