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22-11-1963 - Stephen King, Hugo Kuipers

by Stephen King


I really enjoyed reading this book. Stephen King is undeniably a good writer, and even though I didn't like his Dark Tower series, he has redeemed himself with this time travel fantasy.


Those who avoid Horror have nothing to worry about in this one. Even a couple of violent scenes aren't overly graphic. What King has written is an atmospheric snapshot of life in 1958-1963 with some interesting concepts about the Physics of time travel. Can you really change the present by changing something in the past? That is the question that is constantly asked through this story. You'll have to read it to get the answer.


Some of the elements near the end were not completely explained and I'm sceptical about the yellow card man. However, the book kept me gripped and took me on a journey through a time long before I was born so that it felt like being there, which is what I look for in a time travel novel.


I had mixed feelings about the characters, but the plot was superb. Definitely a recommended read.