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Brian Helsing Mission One: Just Try Not To Die

Brian Helsing Mission One: Just Try Not To Die - Gareth K. Pengelly

by Gareth K. Pengelly


This one is outright silly, but in an amusing way. A complete loser trying to sell cars gets attacked by a vampire and subsequently dragged into a secret society of monster hunters. Because of being at the right time and place, he becomes heir to Helsing, or was there another reason? As a reluctant hero, his survival skills start to develop in ways he finds confusing.


This was a fun book, if lightweight. It's clearly set up as an introduction to a series and despite my wicked habit of often reading free first-in-series books and stopping at that, I'm tempted to try a little more of this one. I've put the second one on my ereaderiq list for now, not that it's very expensive but I want to catch up on A-list books before I entertain the thought of buying more just-for-fun books.


Beneath the caricature expression of characters and the well-into-fantasy magic, there's a spot of depth woven into the plot about discovering one's potential. An entertaining read.