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An Act of Faith

An Act of Faith - C.A. Oliver

by C.A. Oliver


This is a High Fantasy with an interesting concept. The characters are mostly elves of the Tolkienesque sort and apart from perhaps too many 'exotic' names to keep straight, I found the characters mostly distinctive and likeable. After all, who doesn't like elves?


The writing, while technically fine, felt a little forced, like someone trying too hard to become the next Tolkien. There was a fair bit of 'telling' in the first chapter and to my horror, footnotes to explain elements of the world building. This really killed it for me.


The plot varied in pace, but was overall typical of a quest story. Fantasy fans will know what I mean. Apparently there are to be twelve books, which I think might be overly ambitious. Definitely targeted to a Fantasy audience with the patience to unfold the greater story arc.