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The Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia

The Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia - Barry Cox; R. J. G. Savage; Brian Gardiner; Colin Harrison

by Barry Cox, R. J. G. Savage, Brian Gardiner, Colin Harrison


You're never too old for dinosaurs.


This is a beautiful book with very professionally drawn full-color glossy illustrations on every page and all the scientific information that a student or researcher might look for.


The chapters are organised by species, separating fishes, amphibians, reptiles, ruling reptiles, birds, mammal-like retiles and actual mammals. Each entry starts with the name, era, locality and size of a typical example, followed by an overview of the species. The descriptions don't go into massive detail, but they do make all of them easily recognisable in case you fall into a jurassic world and wonder what's about to eat you.


The book is a wonderful reference volume and I could be tempted to get a physical copy just for the fantastic pictures.